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Safety and traffic optimization

Signaling systems is to prevent emergence of dangerous situations on the railways and make them a safe type of transport, where there is no need to fasten, unlike cars and even airplanes. Another important task is to optimize trains traffic along the existing infrastructure.
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LocoTech-Signal’s area of responsibility is digital-technologies based Signaling and rail traffic control systems.

LocoTech-Signal integrates the Signaling into a united complex of high-tech systems, including continuous monitoring of the infrastructure and rolling stock status, linked to the advanced systems of train traffic planning and organization for maximum optimization of transportation.
LocoTech-Signal is a part of the largest rail transport groups in the world, which unites Transmashholding, the leading rolling stock manufacturer and service provider in Russia and CIS, and LocoTech, the leader in locomotive servicing in Russia.
“Company is the people.
Experience, competences and opportunities of company is project realization are, first of all, qualification and experience of its employees, and also unity of the team for the achievement of defined goals”
Andrey Romanchikov
General Director of LocoTech-Signal

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