Traffic control management systems for open lines and stations

Computer-based interlocking with integrated semi-automatic and automatic line block functions
Ctrl@Lock 200 is based on the Modicon M580 Safety industrial controller manufactured by Schneider Electric

Wayside equipment (vacancy of sections, ALSN coding, point machine control)

Ctrl@Track 300 – microprocessor-based axle counting for safety and reliably control vacant and occupied status of track sections.
Ctrl@Point – wireless point control system

Signaling of level crossings and pedestrian crossings

Ctrl@Cross 200 – microprocessor-based automatic level crossing signaling system is a complex of technical and software tools for monitoring and control of railway level crossing signaling devices.
Ctrl@Cross 100 – microprocessor-based automatic pedestrian crossing signaling system for safety people crossing the railway tracks in station zones and on the open lines.

Overall traffic control management systems