Microprocessor-based axle counting system
Ctrl@Track 300 (MACS)

Ctrl@Track 300 architecture
The hierarchical structure of the Ctrl@Track 300 axle counting system covers three levels:
  • Lower level is the wheel sensors and wayside electronic counting units;
  • Medium level is the counting controller (indoor equipment);
  • Upper level is the automated workstation of service operator (local service workstation), which can be integrated into the CBI local service workstation.
Operator is able to monitor traffic situation and controlled devices status, as well as to diagnose system wayside and indoor equipment.
The basis of railway signaling systems is formed by devices capable to safety and reliably control vacant and occupied status of track sections. Ability of railway infrastructure to secure uninterruptable transportation process lagerly depends on such devices and systems.

This task is solved by electronic axle counting system Ctrl@Track 300, developed by LocoTech-Signal, registering the wheel set movement at the speed of trains up to 200 km/h and capable of operating with any type of traction and any ballast condition.
Reliable wheel sensors
Ctrl@Track 300 system uses wheel sensors that are attached to the bottom of the rail without drilling and operate in the temperature range from –60 °C to +85 °C.
Ctrl@Track 300 general functions
  • Counting the number of axles and detecting the train motion direction
  • Counting units data collection and its transmission
  • Formation of a data array on the number of counted axes, vacancy/occupancy of sections and train motion direction
  • Data processing and its transfer to the relay interlocking or CBI system
  • Control of track relays and indication of the section status on the remote control panel (in case of relay interlocking)
  • Track sections false occupancy reset
  • Diagnostic of system components status with diagnostic and control data display on the workstation
The sensors meet all the requirements of the mainlines and industrial rail transport, including resistance to vibrations, electromagnetic influences and aggressive external environment. Wheel sensors require minimum maintenance and are well proven in the hardest operational conditions.

Signals from the wheel sensors are sent to compact electronic counting units mounted in standard track boxes (IP65). These electronic counting uits have a climatic version of UHL-2 and range of operating temperatures from -60 °C to +85 °C. Data transmission distance over the fiber-optic communication line is not limited.
New generation axle counting system based on programmable logic controllers
Ctrl@Track 300 system is based on commercially available programmable logic controllers and other standardized components. This provides increased functional flexibility and simplifies logistics in the maintenance organization as most of the components used in various LocoTech-Signal products are identical, which allows customer to minimize required range of spare parts.
Safe counting controller
Safe counting controller includes two computing channels. Results of processing using diversified software are transferred to interlocking system only if calculation results in both channels match. If results do not match, an automatic switchover to the backup set of counting controller takes place. The change of controller can be done without interruption of system work.